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Liquor Dispensing Solutions in Edmonton

Welcome to Prime Controls: your liquor gun dispenser and bar supply company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Since 1977 we’ve been helping aspiring restaurant and bar owners set up and manage the measurement and sale of their liquor.

Every bar, nightclub, lounge, or restaurant owner should consider our new BOSS liquor gun dispenser for inventory control. The portion dispensed is accurate, consistent and dispensed totals are accounted for.

When it is ‘free poured’ by bartenders, some may be spilled, the measurements are never the same, and some goes ‘missing’.

You only have so much time to take into consideration what was accurately poured. Quality bartenders appreciate the speed & accuracy of our BOSS liquor gun dispenser, as it increases sales and therefore their tips.

Some of our largest clients are clubs where sudden volume sales occur and the product has to move fast!

You can customize the installation of your dispensers, as well as the products they’re integrated with. 
Up To 8 Brands
Supports anywhere from one to eight brands. The selection is up to you! 
Ergonomic Handle
In a busy bar, you’ll be using your taps a lot. We’ve made sure you’ll love handling them. 
3 Pour Sizes
Have a variety of measurement requirements? No problem. Our dispensers have 3 different measurement options. 
High-Resolution Calibration
Looking for precision measurement? Look no further. Ask us about our high-resolution calibration methods. 
Our dispensers are secured with keys so the managers have full control. 
Our dispensers don’t depend on computers, which means if your systems temporarily fail, your taps don’t. 
It’s hard to stay local in a global economy, but staying Canadian is important to us. Prime Controls is your Canadian liquor dispenser supplier and servicer. 
Existing Customers

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